Have you always wanted to skydive, but the thought of jumping from a plane, miles high in the air scares you? Welcome to indoor skydiving – a perfect, risk-free flying experience. If you’re looking towards an indoor flying adventure, you might be wondering what the weight limits are.

But first, what is indoor skydiving? It replicates the free fall you’d get when jumping out of an airplane. Only now, you don’t need to travel up to the sky and do it. It’s safer than conventional skydiving and much more exhilarating.

The mechanism is simple: giant fans direct air to vents, where an inlet contractor compresses the air and is fed upward out to the flying chamber. The air that comes out is strong enough to lift you off the ground, fulfilling all your flight desires. The air is the opposing force that allows you to escape the constraints of gravity, and balance between these forces is exactly what keeps you levitating. Its aerodynamics and your weight and height are part of the equation.

Is there a maximum weight for indoor skydiving?

Short answer, yes! The maximum weight for indoor skydiving ranges from 170-250 lbs.

The long answer is, it’s not that simple. Men and women have different centres of gravity, with men having it near their chest and women much lower. This affects the aerodynamics of flight, leading to different ranges for both men and women.

If you’re a man, you can expect a maximum weight limit of 200-250, depending on your height. And if you’re a woman, this range decreases to 170- 210 lbs. How does the height matter, you may ask? The combination of height and weight gives the exact amount of air required to lift you, the taller you are, the more air needed.

Do they weigh you for indoor skydiving?

It’s mandatory for the indoor skydiving team to ask you to step on the scale before the flight session begins because accurate weight and height numbers guide them in making it safer for you to fly.

If you’re on the heavier side, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Discretion is key here, and they won’t say your weight out loud.

Indoor Skydiving Kid

At what age can you do indoor skydiving?

Thinking to fulfill your child’s dream of flight, and make amazing memories together? Indoor Skydiving is a great bonding activity that you have to try at least once.

There are some age restrictions in place to guarantee the safety of your child. Usually, it’s safe for children over 4, but you still have to sign a waiver as their legal guardian. Remember the equation? Well, it’s at play here as well. To ensure risk-free flight, the minimum weight requirement is 40 lbs. 

So ideally speaking, any child over the age of 4 and weighing more than 40 lbs can have the chance to experience this amazing skydiving experience!