Floating in the atmosphere with a long freefall that conquers your heart and mind is always a thrilling experience for skydivers.

When it comes to the best skydiving places in Europe, there are several options among nearly 550 dropzones of varying heights to choose from. With multiple coastlines, high mountain ranges, and breathtaking scenic beauty, Europe offers some of the best dropzones of the world for tandem skydiving. In fact, many of these dropzones are located in the popular tourist destinations of Europe! Enjoy sightseeing and find time for your favorite sport in these 7 locations.

1: Skydiving in Cornwall, UK

Skydiving in the best places of Europe.
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Skydiving in Cornwall is an exotic experience because of the breathtaking beauty of England. The stunning Cornish coastlines are visible, as the Cornish Parachute club boasts a sea beach as the drop zone.

If you are looking for the best skydiving experience in the UK or diving for the first time, this skydiving center, located at St Agnes, Cornwall, is the best-recommended place.

You can also enroll in training courses in Tandem skydiving, Ram Air Progression System, and Accelerate Freefall to be a pro skydiver.

2: Skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland

Skydiving in Interlaken Switzerland.
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The heavenly city of Interlaken is a dream destination for worldwide tourists for its lush green meadows, dense forests, celestial lakes, and snow-capped mountains.

Located right at the center of Switzerland, Interlaken is a city sandwiched between the two lakes Thun and Brienz. This place is famous for trying out adventure sports and is particularly famous for skydiving around the year! Interlaken is one of the best skydiving places in Europe. You can visit Jungfrau, Monch or Grindelwald.

The average cost per person can vary from $391-$475, depending on dropzone height and spot expenses. The maximum dropzone height allowed in Switzerland is 13,000 ft, which enables you to enjoy a freefall of 45 seconds. You will be rushing towards the ground at 120mph.

3: Skydiving in Unterschupf, Germany

Skydiving in one of the best places of Europe, Germany.
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Germany is a unique country known for its rich heritage and vibrant culture. It is a beautiful country with large landscapes and a calm blue sea. If you want to experience a bird’s eye view of this beautiful country, you can try out skydiving in Berlin, Bavaria, or Munich.

However, Unterschüpf, located between Frankfurt and Nuremberg, is one of the popular relaxed drop zones. The skydiving hotspot at Unterschüpf is one of the best places for skydiving in Europe, which offers tandem skydiving from €199 and reaches a maximum dropzone height of 13,500 feet. The skydiving center also provides complete AFF courses from a beginner to a qualified skydiver.

If you are a qualified skydiver, you can jump here in €30 only.

4: Skydiving in Empuriabrava, Spain

Skydiving in Spain.
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Spain is a popular European country, famous for its rich history, culture, and mouthwatering delicacies. Located in the Iberian Peninsula, this country offers some of the best skydiving spots and major tourist hotspots throughout the year.

Operating since 1985, Empuriabrava is one of the top-rated and world-famous spots for skydiving because of the picturesque views of France. It has been recurringly featured on notable publications like Blue Skies Magazine and Red Bulletin.

If you are a first-time skydiver, this is one of the best skydiving places in Europe. The average cost for skydiving per person is 199€ for 10,000ft and 239€ for 15,000ft with freefall certificates.

5: Skydiving in Budapest, Hungary

Skydiving in one of the best places of Europe, Budapest.
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Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is one of the famous tourist destinations for skydiving.

The city is located at the river Danube and offers a spectacular view of Lake Balaton from 15,000 feet, the highest altitude skydive in Europe. Siofok is one of the best skydiving places in Europe because of its affordable prices and top-notch facilities. You can Jump from 13,100 feet or 4,000 meters and experience a 50 seconds long freefall.

The average cost per person is 150€, along with the video.

6: Skydiving in Bled, Slovenia

Skydiving in Slovania.
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Bled is situated in the northwestern corner of Slovenia near the Austria- Italy border. Nestled at the foothill valleys of the Julian Alps, Bled is set along the glacial lake, Bled. The serene beauty of this region makes it the perfect destination for experiencing the adrenaline rush.

The highest tandem skydiving allowed in Slovenia is 13000 feet or 4000 meters, and the average cost per person is €220.

7: Skydiving in Algarve, Portugal

Skydiving in Portugal.
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Portugal is a land of pristine beaches, exotic seafood and remarkable history. Located ten minutes from the sunny town of Alvor, Portugal, the highest-rated dropzone welcomes first-timers and experienced jumpers.

Skydive Algarve is a part of the Swallow Group, owning skydives in Spain and Hibaldstow, and is top-ranked for its aircraft facilities, training, and skydiving camps. The center offers a wide range of flying courses and hosts camps by world-famous organizers like Tora Tora and Fly4Life. Portugal allows you to dive from 15,000 ft altitude, and the average cost per person starts only from 129€.  The Christmas Boogie is one of the most awaited event of skydiving center, when it’s flooded with tourists.

Which Place in Europe Is Best for Skydiving?

There are multiple factors which make a skydiving location ideal for jumpers. While some of the best skydiving places in Europeare are incredibly blessed with their scenic beauty, others have the perfect climate, which enables them to fly across the year.

While some features aircraft maintenance, extra facilities, and trainers, others are affordable for anybody.

However, the best skydiving places in Europe are all famous for their dropzone locations. Most of these dropzones are located in proximity to popular tourist destinations.

Is Skydiving in Europe Safe?

There are no outdoor sports without any risks involved. Skydiving is risky, but it’s much safer than what you might expect. According to the recent data collected by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), fatality reports are lowest in recent years. It is almost 0.006 per every 1,000 jumps completed.
However, paying extra attention is the key to avoid accidents and landing safely every time. Practise breathing exercises and muscle stretching to avoid unexpected health issues during your dive.

How Much Is Skydiving in Europe?

The best skydiving places in Europe costs from 189€ to 229€ depending on the height of the dropzone, the package, and the security level required.

Can You Go for Solo Skydiving in Europe?

What happens to your brain during skydiving?
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Most skydiving clubs recommend at least one tandem jump and the Accelerated Freefall Program (AFF) before jumping solo. You can fly solo after you acquire your license.

What Happens to Your Ears When You Are Skydiving?

The initial pressure change is known as barotrauma when the ear feels clogged or plugged in tightly. This is the state when air is naturally trapped inside the middle ear.

After a while, this air passes to the throat through the Eustachian tubes to equalize the pressure. This is why you may experience immense pain along with the popping sensation in your ears.

How Does Skydiving Effect Your Brain?

Skydiving sets adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine to action, which can have both immediate and everlasting effects on your brain. These chemicals help to overcome depression and improve your mental health.

May skydivers have also noticed improvements in digestion and sleep patterns after taking up the sport. The overall effect is positive for the body and mind.

Why Do Some People Report Breathing Problems While Skydiving?

Breathing problems during skydiving.
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Being unable to breathe is one of the common misconceptions during skydiving. Even during your freefall of 160 mph, you will get enough oxygen for breathing.

However, some people may experience Hypoxia, a sudden blackout, or passing out due to lack of oxygen. To avoid this condition, skydiving in the best places of Europe requires the use of oxygen for dives made above 15,000 feet.

How Scary Is Skydiving?

If you are trying it out for the first time, skydiving can be nerve-wracking.

Getting sweats or cold feet is normal, and everyone experiences this before their first dives. However, the actual dive is less scary than it appears to be.

The fear of heights is nothing compared to the visuals you experience, and after a point, your mind starts relaxing and living in the moment. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot, and you will not regret it!


Even though it may seem more like a physical sport, skydiving is also a mental game of overcoming your fear and gaining a certain sense of control over your judgment. Not only is it good for the mind and the body, but it also cleanses your soul and helps you gain a new perspective in life.

Many people need this reprogramming of the brain to be happy and live in the moment. While many people try out the sport to overcome their fears, it often emerges as one of the best decisions of their life!

If you are planning a Europe trip for the first time, do not forget to check out these seven best skydiving places in Europe.