Knowing what to wear when skydiving in winter is as important as ever. Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is a remarkably fun and extreme sport. In 2018 alone, over 3.3 million jumps were made across the United States. Many fun-seekers find the exhilarating rush of adrenaline, and the amazing picturesque view while falling from the sky, something to experience. However, while jumping from a helicopter or plane at high altitude can be quite daring, it gets even more challenging during winter.

In winter, with the tense cold and unsteady weather changes, skydivers have to take greater precautions to avoid mishaps. This means that skydivers have to pay greater attention to required safeguards and tips, to keep themselves safe and secure.

As such, it is crucial that one knows what to wear when skydiving in winter.

Getting thermal wear for your dive

Appropriate thermal wear when skydiving in winter
Image Credits: Russ Jani from Pexels

If you’re intending to skydive in winter, it is important that you choose thermal clothing. The duration of your jump varies considerably depending on a number of factors. Thermal wears protect you from the cold, and come in polyester, nylon, wool or cotton. It is always necessary to be able to identify what to wear when skydiving in winter. Even in the blistering cold, you will be able to guard against any adverse effects of the chilling wind, while freefalling at top speed.

You can also wear your winter ski pants over your thermal clothing. A neck gaiter or a balaclava will also be quite necessary to protect your neck and face from the harsh weather. These will keep you warm while making your jump less cumbersome.

Whichever spectacular place you’re skydiving from, even in winter, you can ensure your experience is safe, and still, nothing short of amazing.

Protecting your hands with gloves

Wearing gloves to protect against the cold
Image Credits: Pixabay

Apart from wearing clothing that protects against the forceful wind and cold weather, you would need protective gear for your hands. You can pick up neoprene scuba diving gloves or Neumann gloves. You could also try wearing two gloves: a nitrile glove inside, and, on the outside, a mechanix glove. These types of gloves, while being light on the hands, offer protection too against the cold.

Skydiving goggles

Skydiver in helmet and goggles
Image Credits: Canva

Having your vented skydiving goggles on the ready, are helpful for you before stepping out of the plane and taking that dive. With the wind rushing in your face, and freezing the details on your visage, it is very crucial that you are safeguarding your eyes from the onslaught.

However, it is important to know when, during your journey up, to slide on your skydiving goggles, to avoid it fogging up when you’re ready for your dive. Most skydivers suggest putting them on, only when you’re getting prepared to make your jump, as a foggy lens would frustrate your intention of admiring the landscape during your descent.


Choosing what to wear when skydiving in winter helps you to not only shield yourself from the harsh and chilly weather, it enables you the flexibility and ease of making a successful jump. You can move about freely, while making your descent, mid-air. This implies that your skydiving gear does not obstruct or inconvenience you, while managing to mitigate the devastating effects of the cold, and rushing wind.

It is also important to give priority to your safety while skydiving. Part of this comes from making sure that you are not exposed to challenging health and safety situations. You must take your time in identifying and purchasing all the relevant gear to keep you in the safe zone, even while making your audacious jump.

It is always necessary to note that safety must come first, even while having daring fun.